Reduce Your Business’s Exposure To Online Liability!


Using appropriate website legal documents is an often overlooked aspect of operating online. Yet, it is also the single most important element of avoiding online liability! Our affordable, flat-fee package pricing is scaled to your website needs and presents a real solution for any start-up, small business or any other business or website operator.


Choose between 8 separate packages specific to your online activities. All websites receive a thorough website legal audit to determine what terms, policies, disclaimers, etc. may be necessary.

We keep it simple. Most custom packages include a comprehensive privacy policy that addresses mobile and other apps (and just about everything else)! Each package also includes any specific website legal disclaimers we think you may need applicable to your website and online activities (specific FTC disclosures require our Website Essentials E-Commerce Premier Package). Our packages are meant to provide you or your business with all of the appropriate legal documents necessary based on your online activities.


Website Essentials Basic- $650

Includes custom Website Terms of Use based upon your blog or information-only website (no sales of goods or services from your site), a single, custom Website Privacy Policy and includes a DMCA Policy and User Content Policy for blogs and forums where users post content. The custom Terms of Use will include any applicable website registration policy, audio/video policy, external links policy, etc. All applicable specific website disclaimers and any general disclosures (not specific FTC product claim or testimonial disclosures) related to your website content will also be drafted. Your custom privacy policy will address all of your site information collection practices except any applicable mobile or other website apps disclosures.

Order this package if you operate a typical blog, informational website or forum that doesn’t: 1) sell goods or services directly from the site; or 2) require paid membership/subscription services or specific membership/subscription terms; or 3) is a social platform or otherwise offers interactive site applications.   

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Website Essentials Child (COPPA)-  $300

A single custom COPPA (Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act) Privacy Notice containing all required COPPA disclosures and the required Direct Parent Notice Template. This package also includes our detailed COPPA Compliance Guide walking you through parental notice and other COPPA requirements. (Your Child Privacy Notice will not address any applicable mobile and other apps disclosures.)

Order this package if you operate a blog or information only site and your website knowingly or purposely collects personal information from children under 13.

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Website Essentials E-Commerce Pro-  $750       

Includes each document in our Website Essentials Basic Package and includes custom Terms of Sale (for tangible goods) or other appropriate customer terms agreement based upon the specific products or services offered through your website. All applicable disclaimers relating to your e-commerce activities and business practices will be included in your documents. (For example, a general ROSCA Negative Option or “Data-Pass” disclosure would be included under the Restore Online Shopper’s Confidence Act, if applicable.) In addition, your privacy policy will address mobile and other website apps!

Order this package if you operate an e-commerce site selling tangible goods (i.e. not software or e-books).

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Website Essentials Digital Product Pro- $750

Includes each document in our Website Essentials E-Commerce Pro Package, except that the custom terms of sale are replaced with a custom Digital Product License (e-books and other downloadable content) based upon the specific digital product offered through your website.

Order this package if you sell digital products that your customers download such as e-books, downloadable kits or coaching programs, etc. 

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Website Essentials Membership Pro- $850

Includes each document in our Website Essentials E-Commerce Pro Package, except the custom terms of sale are replaced with custom Membership Terms of Service tailored to the specific membership services offered through your website. This package does not address SaaS services.

Turn around time: 5-7 business days

Order this package if you operate a website offering paid or free membership/subscription services to access content or some feature or service offered through your website, other than SaaS services. You should also select this package if you operate a social or other platform that is more than a simple blog or online forum where users must register to access services, games or some interactive feature offered through your website. 

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Website Essentials Software Pro- $950

Do you sell software or offer SaaS services from your website? This package includes each document in our Website Essentials E-Commerce Package, but replaces the custom terms of sale with your choice of custom SaaS Terms or Software License Terms (for traditional software sales).

Turn around time: 5-7 business days

Order this package if you offer downloadable software your business licenses to the end-user customer or your website offers software directly from your website via a SaaS model.

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Website Essentials Affiliate Plus- $450

Do you use affiliates to market your products or services? No matter how you structure your affiliate marketing, we have you covered! Protect your business from your affiliates by adding our Affiliate Plus Option to any of our Website Essentials Packages. Get additional custom affiliate terms governing the relationship between your business and your affiliates for a flat fee of $450. This package also includes an affiliate sponsored endorsement policy to protect your business from deceptive endorsements and reviews made by any of your affiliates. Give your MLM or affiliate based business the ultimate protection it deserves!

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Website Essentials E-Commerce Premier (Individual Estimates)     

If your website makes direct product claims or contains testimonials, you may need to include additional specific disclosures on your site required under FTC and/or state laws. Similarly, if you operate an affiliate site, you may need certain specific disclosures including any material connections or average results disclosures along with your website terms and privacy policy. Get ultimate website legal compliance protection with our Premier package! This package includes everything in either our Website Essentials E-Commerce Pro, Website Essentials Membership Pro or Website Essentials Digital Product Pro Packages, but also includes the additional custom drafting of all necessary FTC disclosures in connection with any specific product or earnings claim, customer testimonial, promotion or other website content. You choose the appropriate underlying package, then we provide a quote for a flat fee on top of the normal package price. Our quote is based on our review of your website and an estimate of the time we think it would take to draft custom disclosures based upon your content.

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How do I know if I need the E-commerce Premier Package?

Not all websites containing product claims or ads or customer testimonials will need specific FTC disclosures. The bottom line is that any claim, promotion, testimonial or other content on your site cannot be ‘materially misleading’ according to the FTC. So, if there is any material information that a potential consumer would need to know in order to make an informed choice about a product or service you offer, you need to disclose that information prominently on your website. Similarly, any “material connections as an affiliate or in connection with any product or service being reviewed needs to be disclosed. Keep in mind, you or your business cannot make a claim through a customer testimonial that cannot otherwise be made directly. If any of these concerns apply to your website, you will need to step up to our premier package. Get peace of mind of knowing an experienced Internet attorney has thoroughly reviewed your ads, claims, testimonials and any other website content to ensure it isn’t misleading. If any content is determined to potentially be misleading, custom disclosures will be drafted and displayed in accordance with the current FTC guidelines.

If you are unsure if the E-Commerce Premier Package is right for your website, simply contact us for more information and for a flat fee quote.


Universal Package Features


  • Each custom Website Terms of Use will address any applicable website registration policy, audio/video policy, external links policy, etc.
  • All packages include a website legal audit directly by Internet Attorney Philip A. Nicolosi to identify potential legal compliance issues on your website.
  • All Privacy policies address all information collection/disclosure practices (except any applicable mobile and other apps disclosures).
  • Applicable website content/activities disclaimers and any general content disclosures are included.  We keep it simple!
  • All fees are required to be paid in advance in full. Payments can be made by credit card, debit card or through your PayPal account.