Please complete the following intake form to get started. After you submit the intake form, you will be taken to our payment page where where you can process your payment of our flat fee of  $800, which includes our firm flat-fee of $750 for non-profit incorporation and the applicable filing fee of $50 charged by the Illinois Secretary of State for filing the Articles of Incorporation. (A receipt will be emailed to you after you submit your order. )


  • Restrictions: (1) You may choose any name as long as it is distinguishable from the name of an existing Illinois corporation, a foreign corporation authorized to conduct affairs in Illinois, an existing Illinois Limited Liability Company (LLC) or a foreign LLC registered in Illinois or a name the exclusive right to which is currently reserved. (2) No name shall contain the words “regular democrat,” “regular dem- ocratic,” “regular republican,” “democrat,” “democratic,” “republi- can,” or the name of any other established political party, unless consent is given by the State Central Committee of such estab- lished political party. (3) The name must end with the letters NFP if the corporate name contains any word or phrase that indicates or implies that the corporation is organized for any purpose other than a purpose for which corporations may be organized under this Act.
  • An assumed name is any name other than the legal name of the business on record with Secretary of State that has been adopted by the corporation for use as identification of the business the public. Use of the full legal name requires that company abbreviations (i.e. NFP) be used on all letterhead and other marketing materials. Also, many non-profits may desire or need to use a legal name that may be unattractive for marketing purposes). Please note that there is an additional filing fee required to be paid for adoption of assumed names.
  • Illinois law requires the non-profit to appoint at least 3 directors.
  • Illinois law does not require that the non profit appoint any officers, such as a President, Secretary and Treasurer. However, many non-profits find it desirable to election officers. The same individual may act as the director and as an officer. The same person may hold more than one office.
    Any corporation formed under Illinois law must have a registered agent with a physical location in the state of Illinois. You can elect to use your principal business address if its located in the state of Illinois as the registered office, or you can elect that we serve as your registered agent. (We charge a separate registered agent fee of $175.00 annually for this service).
  • You can elect to use your principal business address in the state of organization as the registered office or you can elect that we serve as your registered agent.
    If there are multiple employees, including the shareholders/officers, performing services for the corporation, it is recommended that each employee enter into an employment agreement in order to protect the corporation.
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