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The registration of a trademark is not a mandatory requirement under either state or federal law. However, if a mark is left unregistered, common law protection may be limited to those areas in which the mark has actually been in use in commerce or becomes known. This means that the mark will remain unprotected in any areas it is not actually being used in commerce.  Federal “intent to use” trademark registration gives trademark holders the right to use their mark in those geographic areas where no prior use of the mark or a confusingly similar mark has been made. Federal trademark registration provides the most protection available under United States law.

Learn the main advantages of registering your mark with the United States Patent & Trademark Office.

With the release of the new top-level domain names and ability of trademark owners to protect their marks with ICANN’s Trademark Clearinghouse, federal trademark protection has become even more important!


Our Flat-Fee Trademark/Service Mark Registration Packages


Basic Registration Package:    $600 + government filing fee of $225 or $275 (one class)

Our basic package includes:

1. USPTO TESS database search for similar marks (does not include a legal opinion regarding registration viability)

2. Initial Telephone or Video consultation with attorney Phil Nicolosi to discuss the search results

3. Filing of your federal trademark application with the United States Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO)

4. Monitoring your trademark application and calendaring all deadlines

5. Correspondences with you and with the Trademark Office

6. Responses to non-substantive Office Actions that do not require research or any arguments to be made.


Search Plus Package:   $950 + government filing fee of $225 or $275 (one class)

In addition to all steps under our Basic Registration Package, our Search Plus Package also includes:

1. Comprehensive federal, state and common law trademark search to help ensure no pre-existing trademark could cause the denial of your application.

2.  An opinion letter from attorney Phil Nicolosi explaining the trademark search results and viability of federal registration or potential infringement of  third-party marks.


-Our services do not include any re-filings.
-We will mail you the trademark registration certificate upon receipt from the USPTO once your trademark has been approved and published in the Trademark Official Gazette.


We also offer the following ancillary services:

Preparation and Filing of Statement of Use:     $350.00 (includes government filing fee for one class)

Preparation and Filing of Request for Extension of Time:      $350.00 (includes government filing fee for one class)


If there is an additional ancillary type service you are your organization required not listed above, please contact us at or 815-314-0022 for additional pricing.



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