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Does your company desire a third-party DMCA agent service in order to designate an agent for your website or mobile app? You or your organization may prefer not to list an individual/website operator’s personal information on a public databases, which can be easily viewed. We can help with our DMCA Agent Service. Let Philip A. Nicolosi act as your DMCA designated agent so your company (or you) can reap immunity afforded to online service providers under the law. Our service also includes drafting the required DMCA Policy for your website or other online property and takedown evaluation, unlike other non-attorney services. DMCA agents are listed in a public database. If you prefer to avoid exposing your personal information online and need a third party agent, contact us today to learn more about our DMCA agent service.


DMCA Agent Service Pricing: 

Basic Attorney DMCA Agent Service Package 

We charge a $125 annual service fee to act as your DMCA designated agent of record for your website and/or any mobile app or plugin. This includes a maximum of 10 websites or separate apps (a single grouping). Our fee does not include the applicable filing fee (currently $140 for a single grouping of up to 10 domains or apps linked to a single service provider). All charges must be paid in advance. This is a yearly service that must renewed annually. This does not include any responses or any direct consultation with any of our staff. We merely forward any DMCA notice we received related to any of your websites or apps.

Responses to Notices of Claimed Infringement

We handle and process all new Copyright disputes and claims made against your website. We discuss appropriate responses with you, and handle the process for each claim taking the issue to conclusion.  Our hourly rate is 185/hour for these additional DMCA related services.


All Packages Include:

  1. The fee covers a single grouping of up to 10 domains or any corresponding mobile app (“online property”). We charge an additional $65 for every subsequent grouping of online property (1 to 10 domains or apps) Please note that the U.S. Copyright Office filing fee includes up to 10 separate alternative names (separate online properties); and
  2. Designated Agent of Record with U.S. Copyright Office for up to 10 websites or apps for a single service provider; and
  3. 24 hour communication of DMCA Takedown Notice Request; and
  4. Comprehensive DMCA Policy template drafted by our law firm; and
  5. Notification of any changes in the laws which may affect your DMCA agent designation (for example, the new requirement that all existing DMCA agent registrations are transitioned over and submitted online to the Copyright Office’s electronic database.



What Is The DMCA Law & Why Should Website Operators Care?

My past blog post on DMCA protection provides an introduction to the DMCA and who is protected under the law. In a nutshell, any online “service provider” is eligible for protection under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) against copyright infringement liability. But, only if the provider follow certain steps as set forth under the DMCA, such as posting a prominent DMCA ‘Notice & Takedown’ and Counter-Notice Policy. The law also requires designating a DMCA Agent, as discussed more below.


Does My Website (Or Mobile App or Plugin) Need To Designate A DMCA Agent?

The DMCA requires that website operators designate a DMCA Agent with the U.S. Copyright Office in order to receive immunity from third party copyright infringement claims.  The express language of the DMCA states:

(2) Designated agent. – The limitations on liability established in this subsection apply to a service provider only if the service provider has designated an agent to receive notifications of claimed infringement described in paragraph (3), by making available through its service, including on its website in a location accessible to the public, and by providing to the Copyright Office, substantially the following information:

(A) the name, address, phone number, and electronic mail address of the agent.

(B) other contact information which the Register of Copyrights may deem appropriate.

The Register of Copyrights shall maintain a current directory of agents available to the public for inspection, including through the Internet, and may require payment of a fee by service providers to cover the costs of maintaining the directory.  [17 U.S.C. 512(c)]


Is My Website/Company Required To Designate A Third-Party As Our Agent?

You or your company can name yourself or someone within your own organization as the designated DMCA agent. There is no requirement to name a third-party or use an attorney. Many people are hesitant to do so, however, since their information including their full legal name, email address, street address and phone number would be listed in the U.S. Copyright Office public database (and on your website). This can invite all sorts of unwanted attention including becoming the recipient of spam emails.


Is my company an online “service provider”?

ISP’s, email providers, search engines, online auction sites, host providers, chat rooms, interactive websites, news providers, etc. are all generally “service providers” that have immunity from liability for copyright infringement under the DMCA. If your online activities fall under one of four listed categories, your company is a service provider and eligible for protection under the DMCA.


Do foreign companies need to designate a DMCA Agent?

There is no restriction on DMCA protection on foreign companies located outside of the United States.  The DMCA is a federal law of the United States and does not apply to companies based outside the United States in general. However, foreign companies that do business with U.S. consumers are subject to U.S. federal laws, which makes DMCA compliance an absolute necessity for online service providers.  The online DMCA agent database maintained by the U.S. Copyright Office shows that nearly every agent is located in the U.S. The primary reason for this is international companies understand that they should utilize a local resource to both act as the agent and counsel them in handling copyright claims falling under the purview of the DMCA. DMCA compliance requires taking certain actions on a strict timeline. If you or your company fail to understand the complexities of the law, it can lead to some serious consequences. Copyright infringement damage claims can be quite costly and any website operator should not run the risk of falling on the wrong side of the law and face the prospect of having to pay an enormous award for copyright infringement damages.


Does My Website (or App or Plugin) Need To Use A DMCA Policy?

If you are an Internet Service Provider and allow third-party content and want immunity afforded under the DMCA, then YES.


What Are The U.S. Copyright Designated Agent Filing Fees?

The U.S. Copyright Office charges a one-time fee of $140 for a service provider to list their name and designated agent, which covers up to 10 alternative names (domain names or apps operated by the service provider). There is an additional $35 fee for each subsequent 10 alternative names grouping. 


Why Use An Attorney DMCA Agent Service?

Can your company afford to wind up in federal court defending a copyright infringement lawsuit? Copyright holders have legitimate legal rights, which are protected under the DMCA. Resolving DMCA disputes in a timely manner is crucial to avoid triggering a copyright infringement lawsuit. Failure to do so can result in catastrophic consequences.  My law firm has handled numerous copyright infringement demands on both sides of the coin and we understand the intricacies of the DMCA and how to keep you or your company in compliance. Why put the financial well-being of your business in the hands of non-attorney third-party agent services?


Need DMCA Takedown Services?

Do you or does your business have content that is being infringed online on another website? We can help. Click here for more information. We offer flat-fee DMCA takedown service of $250 per infringement incident (all works copied by a single infringer across any website the work appears). This service includes any follow up correspondence with the applicable host providers through the DMCA Notice & Counter-Notice procedure.



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