Complete the following intake form. Flat fee payment of either $750 or $999 is due now. The applicable state filing fee of $175 will be due in addition to our fee before filing. A receipt will be emailed to you after you submit your order. 

  • Your name must end with the word “corporation”, “company”, “incorporated”, “limited” or an abbreviation of one of these words. You may elect to use a comma after the business name if you desire (i.e. Acme, Inc.)
  • An assumed name is any name other than the legal name of the business on record with Secretary of State that has been adopted by the corporation/LLC for use as identification of the business the public. Most businesses find it desirable to identify the company with an assumed name. Use of the full legal name requires that company abbreviations (i.e. inc., co., corp. Ltd., LLC, etc.) be used on all company letterhead and other marketing materials. Also, many businesses may desire or need to use a legal name that may be unattractive for marketing purposes). Please note that there is an additional filing fee required to be paid for adoption of assumed names.
  • Illinois law requires each corporation to appoint at least 1 director and elect a President, Secretary and Treasurer. A Vice President may be elected, but is not required. The same individual may act as the director and as each corporate officer. No directors or officers are required to be elected or appointed in an Illinois LLC, although an LLC may choose to appoint officers). Please list each officer’s full name along with his/her title, home address, phone number, social security number and date of birth.
  • Please provide the ownership interest (in percentages) that should be allocated to each owner, if more than one.
    Any corporation formed under Illinois law must have a registered agent with a physical location in the state of Illinois. You can elect to use your principal business address if its located in the state of Illinois as the registered office, or you can elect that we serve as your registered agent. (We charge a separate registered agent fee of $175.00 annually for this service).
  • You can elect to use your principal business address in the state of organization as the registered office or you can elect that we serve as your registered agent.
  • A sole-shareholder can serve as the sole-director of the corporation under Illinois law.
    If there are multiple shareholders, you may wish to set forth restrictions you wish to place on any shareholder's ability to transfer or sell their stock in the corporation. This may include the right of the company or any other owner to buy back any stock/membership interests before any shareholder/member may sell to a third party, restrictions against the transfer of voting rights, etc..
    If there are multiple employees, including the shareholders/officers, performing services for the corporation, it is recommended that each employee enter into an employment agreement in order to protect the corporation.
  • Engagement Agreement

    Please review our Engagement Agreement below for legal services. You acknowledge and understand that you are entering into an agreement with the law firm of Philip A. Nicolosi, Ltd. directly in order to receive legal services.