Incorporate Your Business With Our Flat-Fee Service


We offer the following Flat-Fee Business Incorporation packages:


$850  + applicable state filing fee ($175 in Illinois)   No Shareholder Agreement

$1200 + applicable state filing fee ($175 in Illinois)   With Custom Shareholder Agreement


Our Services Include:

1. Direct Consultation with Attorney Philip A. Nicolosi

2. Preparation and filing of your Articles of Incorporation

3. Drafting of your Bylaws, Initial Resolutions & other Initial Documents

4. Obtain FEIN for the Corporation

5. File all necessary state regulatory filings (IDR and IDES registration)

6. If applicable, filing of your S-election with the IRS

7. Preparation of a “Corporate Book” & custom Stock Certificates for each shareholder

8. Receive a copy of our New Corporation & LLC Legal Survival Guide


*All incorporation service flat fees are billed in advance. The applicable filing fee will be due before we file the articles of organization and clients are  sent an electronic invoice for this amount. Once you retain my firm to organize your business, our staff will contact you to set up a time to speak with attorney Philip A. Nicolosi directly. In the meantime, we begin the process of preparing your initial organizational documents.


Unsure about which business entity is right for your startup? Review our breakdown of the s-corporations vs. LLC’s.


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