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  • Please use the full business name if applicable as it appears on the organizing documents filed with the state of organization.
  • Provide a brief narrative identifying the goods and/or services to which this mark will apply, clearly and precisely. The identification of goods and/or services must be specific enough to actually identify the nature of the goods and/or services. If you are intending to use the trademark on more than one type of good or services, please be sure to specify all.
  • Use in commerce would include on your product packaging, website, brochures and advertising materials, etc.
  • Trademark Specimen File Upload

    Please upload both a separate image file of just your mark (logo) and an image file showing how the mark is being used currently in commerce (i.e. a screenshot image of the mark on a webpage). For best results, the image should be no smaller in any direction than 250 pixels and no larger in any direction than 944 pixels per USPTO recommendations.
  • Please upload a separate image file of just the mark (logo) itself.
  • Please upload a sample image of the mark being used in commerce.
  • Engagement Agreement

  • Type your name in the box to indicate your acceptance of the Engagement Agreement.