Please provide the information required below for us to get started! After you have electronically signed our engagement agreement and submitted this intake form, you will be sent a payment link where you can pay the initial deposit (Engagement Fee) amount online directly on our website. Our staff will determine the appropriate initial Engagement Fee amount based upon this intake form and a preliminary review of your website(s). (The balance of our fees will be invoiced to you separately upon the conclusion of our review). We will not being our review of your website(s) until we receive this form along with your payment of the initial Engagement Fee. After our review, we will then schedule a direct consultation with you where any legal exposure or compliance issues will be identified. After our preliminary review, we will contact you prior to our full review of your website(s) to gather more details about the website(s), to the extent necessary.

  • Shortly after you submit your information, you will be sent a payment link to complete your order. Attorney Philip A. Nicolosi will conduct a preliminary review your website. We may then contact you to gather more details about your website, to the extent necessary.